Personalised NSW Registration – ” HONDA ” & ” S2000 ” – Number Plates.

Hello and welcome to our “HONDA Number Plate” – “Auction” and “Expressions of interest” website.

This is a private site setup to advertise that we have several Personalised N.S.W ( New South Wales ) registration number plates up for sale, firstly via expressions of interest, that will become available to the person offering the highest offer (silent Auction) for the rights to display these plates on their own vehicle.

Talk has it that Honda are about to release the NEW NSX and also the NEW S2000 and these are the ideal plates for these cars, so if there is enough interest we may then go to an open auction.

We have a genuine love and deep interest in Honda cars and hence have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to secure these plates for our own cars, but maybe the time has come to move them on to allow us to do other things.

Currently, this is only an expression of interest, and at this stage, until we see exactly who is interested, we feel this will probably terminate around Feb March 2015.

If no one is interested, then we will simply keep these fabulous plates, as they are a once in a life time chance to have these plates on our existing cars, (or maybe get a new NSX and S2000 ourselves of course).

Please note the number plates themselves will always technically belong to the NSW RMS / RTA, as do the ones on your car now, but its only the “Rights to/of Display”, ROD, that we currently own that will be transferred to the successful person.

The plates by themselves, can not be simply transferred from us to you, as the RTA don’t seem to want this happening anymore, but there are still a number of ways that the plates can move across to you, and we can provide a tailored solution that suites you, doing what ever we need to make sure you get the plates in your name on your car, and if for some reason this can not be achieved successfully, then we will not be taking a payment from you or will refund you in full the price you have paid.

Some of these plates are a “Tier One” or Manufacturer level plate name, such as “HONDA” and some are a “Tier Two” or Model specific plate.

Obviously Tier One are worth more money to anyone that has or loves any Honda feom a Civic through all models up to the New Honda NSX  or maybe to someone that owns a Honda dealership right up to Honda Australia themselves.

The Tier Two model specific plates such as ” S2000″  is obviously worth more money to someone with an S2000 in particular.

Please leave your details on the relevant page for the plates you are interested in and we will contact you if it reaches a price we are prepared to part with them for.

We will in time send and email to the Honda Dealerships to let them know we are interested in selling them so we are hoping these plates will sell well based on the figures that other Tier One plates have gone for in the past.